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The main navigation of the application is available in the bottom of every screen on the app provides flyers and offers that are based on your region and you metro store location

  • Select the Featured in the application menu on the left hand site
  • View the stores presented based on geo-location, in List or Map view, or enter a postal code to get the list of closest stores.
  • Select the desired metro store by clicking on the Choose this Metro button
  • If you have a account and have associated a store to your account it will automatically linked when you connect to your profile on the application. If you modify your store within the application while connected to your web account, it will also be modified on the web site in your profile.

At any time in the application menu, in the Featured tab, select the Store finder and choose another store using the options provided. Once you have found the store you wish to select, click on the Choose this Metro button. Your store will automatically be modified. Flyer and promotion data will be updated (if you are logged in)

  • There are different options to add items to your list: from the flyer or from the coupons. You can also add items directly from the Shopping list screen.
  • The “Add and item” field in the Shopping list screen allows you to add items manually in your list. When you use this option, the application will provide suggestions associated with the text you are entering. BREAD, you will get a choice of different breads recognized by the application. The item you will choose will be added in the list in the Bread and bakery products category. If an offer is associated to this item, small indicator will appear on the left of the line item.

In the list, swipe left to select “Details”. In the “Notes” section, add your notes such as the quantity or brand.

  • In the Shopping list, select the item you wish to remove. In the details screen, click on the Delete item button.
  • You can also remove an item directly from the Shopping list screen by swipping your finger on the item line you want to delete. When the delete button appears, just click on it and the item will be removed.

Click on the Modify button on the top right corner of the Shopping list screen and click on the Delete all button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Select the flyer on the bottom of the screen to consult the weekly flyer, associated with your preferred store.

  • Yes, the upcoming flyer will generally be available 1 to 2 days before it becomes valid, on the web site and in store. Simply click on the arrows on the top right of the screen
  • When a new flyer is available, you will receive a notification on your device. You may remove this notification at any time in your iPhone Settings under the Notifications menu. You can access this menu on the bottom of the Featured page, under Notifications. This button will automatically redirect you to the app settings in your device.

From the application main menu, click on AIR MILES®, enter your card number and click on Validate. You will now have access to your personalized coupons.

Yes, at each transaction you must present your card in order to earn your reward miles. The employee will be able to manually enter the coupon codes that you have selected.

  • Verify that the brightness of your device is set to the maximum setting.
  • Make sure that your screen is clean and scratch or crack free.
  • If you use a screen protector, make sure no air bubbles are in front of the bar codes.
  • If your merchant cannot scan your mobile phone, they’ll be able to manually enter your card number.

You can access the coupons by clicking on the Coupons button at the bottom of the screen


  • No, it is not mandatory to be a loyalty program member to get coupons. Non-members get access to featured product coupons. If you are a loyalty program member, and provide your number, you will get access to coupons on the products you like.

The expiration date of the coupons can be found on the coupons.

You will receive new coupons every week. You will receive an email or a notification on the app. You can change the frequency of notifications in certain conditions.

Contact us at 1-866-638-0020 (option #2)