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Easy-to-pack Snacks

For your next picnic, hike, or beach getaway, don’t forget to pack a healthy snack in your backpack for a quick boost of energy! Metro has eight delicious recipe suggestions and great tips for snacks that are perfect for any occasion!

How to make fat-free banana bread

The fall is a great time to enjoy delicious, homemade banana bread. But how can you make a tasty treat that’s also healthy? Make a fat-free banana bread!



<img alt="4 Smoothies to kickstart your day" data-cke-saved-src="/userfiles/image/recettes-occasions/daily-life/smoothie-460x460.jpg" src="/userfiles/image/recettes-occasions/daily-life/smoothie-460x460.jpg" style="max-width:100%; height:auto;/>

Refreshing smoothies

For your next road trip, opt for a smoothie rather than soda to keep you hydrated. A healthy beverage, they can be made ahead of time and can easily be stored in a Mason jar or a sealable plastic cup.

Discover our best recipes

For easy great-tasting snacks

The perfect road trip foods are designed for the passenger and for the driver. There are certain foods that are perfect for a road trip. Here are some of our favourites.

1Sandwiches made with ingredients that stay in your sandwich, that don't end up dripping all over the car. Lunch meat and cheese are good choices, but go easy on any sort of sauce because they have a tendency to drip.

2Fruit that is easily eaten with one hand. Small pieces of cut-up fruit will work but only if they are not slick or slimy.

3Cheese that is firm and easy to hold. Any sort of cheddar or other firm cheese works. Just cut it up into small pieces that can be easily handled.

4Veggies that are already cut up, like carrots, celery, and cherry tomatoes.

5Cookies are great in the car, especially small ones that you can just pop in your mouth. If you put a few in a plastic bag, it makes it much easier to get to them. You can reseal the bag and save the rest for later. Individual granola bars also make a great snack.

6Food that has already been put together, like crackers with cheese or peanut butter already spread on them.