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Dessert Raclette

If you’re looking for a way to bring your loved ones together for a memorable meal, get your raclette grill ready. After a day outdoors admiring the fall colours or simply after a long day spent doing chores, no one will say no to raclette. With that in mind, we’ve decided to reinvent classic raclette with something that will really wow your guests: dessert raclette.

1Clemetine-chocolate raclette


This is a chic and elegant dish that will please both young and old alike. Start by putting a few cubes of white cake in the bottom of a raclette pan. Then add a few slices of clementine and cover it all with Irresistibles dark chocolate. Heat up on the raclette grill for three minutes at most. Enjoy.

2Apple, dulce de leche, and fleur de sel raclette


This is a delicious dish that’s perfect in the fall because you can use your bruised and ugly apples. When you cook them in the pan with a bit of butter and sugar, apples soften into a wonderful compote. Use white cake as your base again. Then, add the delicious apple compote, Irresistible dulce de leche caramel spread, and fleur de sel. Cook for about two to three minutes and indulge yourself.

3White chocolate and raspberry raclette


This raclette recipe is a decadent, fruity, and refreshing delight. White chocolate adds a rich, velvety touch and raspberry is the best fruit to complement it. Follow the same process: a few pieces of cake in the pan and add the white chocolate sauce and raspberries. Unlike other versions described here, only cook this one for one or two minutes because white chocolate doesn’t react to heat as well as other kinds of chocolate.

4S’mores raclette


This is a fun dessert that will please both children and adults! The recipe calls for assembling all the ingredients of a traditional campfire S’more: on top of some white cake in the pan, add a generous quantity of Irresistibles dark chocolate, marshmallows, and crumbled Graham crackers. Cook until the marshmallows are nice and golden brown, about three minutes.

5Banana, maple syrup, and chocolate raclette


When we were creating this sweet raclette recipe, we immediately thought of banana bread, one of the most comforting desserts there is! Start with your white cake base and add a few pieces of ripe banana, a drizzle of maple syrup, and pieces of Irresistibles dark chocolate with raisins, almonds, and hazelnut. Cook for three to four minutes.