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An allergy-free Easter celebration

An allergy-free Easter celebration

Even though Easter is a day with religious roots, for many of us it is a time to get together with family to celebrate the arrival of spring. And just like with any other holiday, food plays a big part: a festive meal, an easter egg hunt, chocolate bunnies, and other delectable treats.

Unfortunately, food allergies can put a damper on the festivities. But there’s no need to worry because with a bit of planning and creativity, you can enjoy a fun Easter celebration while limiting the risk of causing an allergic reaction in a loved one. Here’s how:


Easter meal

Easter meal on a table

  • Prepare your meal at home, with a few loved ones or with friends and extended family. That will help you make sure that every ingredient you use is safe for anyone with allergies.
  • Choose “traditional” recipes without any priority allergens, such as this mustard-free ham. You can also prepare an eggless asparagus quiche by using silken tofu and chickpea flour instead of eggs. You can also use non-wheat flour as well as margarine free of priority allergens.
  • Safely indulge your sweet tooth. Almost every dessert can be tailored to Easter festivities using colours and shapes. You can prepare eggless meringue dyed in pastel hues (purple, yellow, green), cupcakes free of priority allergens that you can decorate with lovely flowers*, or even allergen-free shortbread cookies with cookie cutters in the shape of an egg or bunny.
  • Get off the beaten path and go with a beloved dessert that requires only a few ingredients. Maple taffy** is always a popular treat with kids and adults of every age!


*Slice a large allergy-free marshmallow into 5 pieces, which will act as the petals, and assemble them into the shape of a flower. Then place a mini marshmallow in the middle.

**Be careful, some maple syrups have added antifoaming agents which can contain allergens.



Easter activities and decorations

Easter activities and decorations

  • Decorating eggs is a traditional part of Easter. You can use wooden eggs, instead of real ones or even make your own yarn eggs. In addition to being lovely decorative items, they’re much more durable and resistant than real eggs.
  • An Easter tree is a trend that’s increasing in popularity. Get the kids to help you decorate it. Smiles guaranteed!
  • Enjoy movie night with the family with classics such as Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade, It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, or Hop. And enjoy a big bowl of decadent caramel popcorn!
  • Decorate the table with a bouquet of magnificent, bright flowers and decorative bunnies and/or themed dishes and napkins.
  • If you want to host an egg hunt or give chocolate bunnies, make the chocolates yourself by using silicone moulds and allergy-free chocolate.


Happy Easter