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All About Turkey

All About Turkey

Originating in North America, the turkey and turkey hen were introduced into Europe by the Spanish. Believing they had discovered India, (it was actually Mexico), they named the fowl Indian Chicken.

Stuffed turkey has been a Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition in the United States and Canada since 1620 when the pilgrims first tasted it soon after their arrival on the shores of Massachusetts. Today it is often served with cranberry sauce or jellies.

These birds are sold on today’s market as “turkey” or “young turkey” (Toms). Domestic turkeys weigh about 18 kilos (40 pounds), while the commercially sold turkeys generally weigh between 3 and 8 kilos (7 to18 pounds). Compared to chicken, turkey meat is not as fine and somewhat dryer. Larger birds are not as flavourful as smaller ones.

Your Metro butcher is pleased to share his secrets for the best methods of cooking turkey to perfection, the spices that heighten the taste of turkey, the different cuts and the best ways to prepare them, the quantities to purchase and of course, the nutritional value and storage life of turkey.

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FREE in-store pickup! Same flyer prices and deals online. Shop Now!


FREE in-store pickup! Same flyer prices and deals online. Shop Now!