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Lamb aficionados simply rave about this tender, juicy, flavourful meat and by following a few simple steps, cooking with lamb can make any chef shine brilliantly!

Lamb is definitely one of the most popular foods in the world as evidenced by the fact that just about every country has at least one renowned national dish of lamb.

Even so, there are still some skeptics who claim that lamb tastes like wool. Would you like a simple way to introduce the delicious taste of lamb to a novice? Why not include some ground lamb in your everyday dishes such as shepherd's pie or hamburgers? Lamb adapts well to these popular recipes and also makes excellent sausages, a treat when served with couscous.

Lamb has always enjoyed the reputation of being very refined and a gourmet treat. And though lamb has always been part of grand feasts and special celebrations, it now also has its place in simpler, everyday fare!

Your Metro butcher is pleased to share his secrets for the best methods for cooking lamb to perfection, the spices that heighten the taste of lamb, the different cuts and the best ways to prepare them, the quantities to purchase and of course, the nutritional value and storage life of lamb.


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