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How to choose and cook lobster

Choosing and cooking lobster

Lobster season is back! Metro has plenty of practical tips for preparing the delicacy.

Cooking Lobster in Boiling Water

  • Start counting cooking time as soon as the water begins to boil again.
  • Remember to increase the amount of cooking time if there is more than one lobster in the pot.

Lobster Cooking Times

 For lobster  WaterSaltTime - MaleTime - Female
1-1 ¼ lb1,5 litres38 ml10 min12 min
1 ½ lb1,5 litres38 ml14 min16 min
2 lb1,5 litres125 ml16 min20 min
3 lb4 ½ litres125 ml18 min23 min


Cooking lobster on the BBQ

For a pre-cooked lobster (575 to 675 g):

  • Split the lobster in half lengthwise
  • Cook 4 minutes on a very hot grill (shell down)
  • Baste with butter midway through cooking time

For a live lobster split in two (575 to 675 g):

  • Cook 10 to 12 minutes on a very hot grill (shell down)
  • Baste with butter halfway through cooking time

Lobster Tips

You will find fresh live or frozen lobster in your Metro fishmonger's display.

  • Lobster can be eaten hot or cold but preferably always cooked.
  • The classic way to cook lobster is to plunge it head first into boiling salted water (lobsters should be covered with water).
  • Once cooked, cool the lobster in ice water to stop the cooking process.
  • If you plan to eat it cold, store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
  • Every part of the lobster is used in cooking.
  • The shells make a wonderful broth for bisque or lobster au gratin.
  • The liver is very fragrant and tasty to use in dips and sauces.

The roe makes a colourful garnish for appetizers and salads, and finally the claws really dress up a salad.

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