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How to Make a Perfect Roast Every Time

Perfect Roast

So you’re throwing a dinner party for family and friends and want to wow them with a succulent roast––great! The secret to a perfect roast is within everyone's grasp.


When it comes to tender, melt-in-your mouth roasts, the key to guaranteed doneness is all in using a meat thermometer and following these essential tips. First, the thermometer should always be inserted into the thickest part of the meat, away from bone, fat or nerve tissue. For juicy, perfectly done meat, the roast should be taken out of the oven when the thermometer reads five degrees less than the desired temperature. Set your roast aside on a carving board and cover with foil––the meat will continue to cook to the desired internal temperature Roasting meat and poultry is a healthy cooking technique requiring little or no fat. Use the table below to banish your roasting fears and serve the perfect roast every time!

 Meat Internal Temperature
 Beef Rare 110-115°F (55-60°C); Medium 130-140°F (60-65°C); Well-done 140-160°F (65-75°C)
 Pork Slightly pink 160°F (70°C); Well-done 170°F (77°C)
 Chicken Well-done 185°F (85°C); Stuffed 165°F (74°C) minimum
 Lamb Rare 150°F (66°C); Medium 160°F (70°C); Well-done 170°F (75°C)