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Eating Well On A Budget

Eating well is affordable

A balanced, nutritious diet and fixed income aren’t mutually exclusive. You can eat well and save money.

Keep frozen vegetables on hand

Did you know that vegetables like carrots, kale, sweet peppers and brussels sprouts are flash-frozen within hours of being picked? This helps retain vital nutrients. As a result, the vegetables often have more vitamins and minerals than fresh vegetables. And with no waste, they are more affordable too! Stock up in the frozen aisle.

Fresh Salmon Brochettes and Ginger Mayonnaise

Save time by cooking at home

Cooking at home costs less than dining out. That fancy $27 restaurant entrée of salmon with vegetables and rice can be made at home for under $8.

Try this quick and easy recipe for fresh salmon brochettes and ginger mayonnaise.

Brown rice makes a nice lunch

Pairing grains and vegetables makes a satisfying meal. Try this recipe for brown and wild rice, walnut and dried cranberry salad. It’s a great dinner dish – and for a twist, add cooked chicken and bring leftovers for lunch!

See the recipe for brown and wild rice, walnut and dried cranberry salad.

Brown and Wild Rice, Walnut and Dried Cranberry Salad

Brown rice is affordable

When you compare the cost of different whole grains, brown rice is the most affordable. Cup for cup, it costs less than oats, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, wheat berries and barley.

Freeze brown rice

Since brown rice takes 45-50 minutes to cook, it’s difficult to prepare it on busy weeknights. There’s a solution! Make a double batch of brown rice when you have time, and freeze the leftovers. When you are ready to use it, simply reheat in a microwave or on the stovetop with a little water until it’s steaming.

Healthy bite

Pair whole grain wheat or rye bread with cheese. The inulin fibre in the bread helps your body absorb calcium from the cheese.

Save money by buying store brands

Store brands are made by the same large food companies who make the name brands, but are packaged with different labels. They are good quality and they cost less. Try a few and compare with your normal brands. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Buy in bulk, but store in singles

Buying large quantities of food is a great cost savings, but may make you overeat. When you bring bulk purchases home, store some away and package the rest into single-serving containers or enough for your family to have one portion each.

Read store flyers

Stock up on healthy non-perishable foods when they are on sale. You can get great buys on whole grain pasta, brown rice, canned tuna and no-added-salt canned beans. Also look for your favourite breakfast cereals on sale.

Pre-cut vegetables cost more

Save money by doing the work yourself. For example, instead of buying a kilogram of pre-cut carrots for $4, you can buy three kilograms of whole carrots for $2. Peel and cut for ready-to-use convenience.

Healthy bite

Always cook tomatoes with a splash of olive oil. The fat helps your body absorb lycopene, the antioxidant found in tomatoes.