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Metro salad bar

Okay, you’ve made a great selection of deli products at your Metro charcuterie counter. A few slices of cooked and raw ham, mortadella, a variety of dry sausages, terrines and rillettes, a few other cold cuts…not to mention a few slices of Viande des Grisons or Bündnerfleisch! It’s all there! Now, for the final touch to your charcuterie platter, you can select a variety of side-dishes and accompaniments!

Here are a few suggestions to create a platter your guests are sure to remember!

Breads, croûtons and crackers

Offer two or three different breads: crusty, country, walnut, raisin, pumpernickel, or rye. Include a few crackers and plain or seasoned croutons.

Better still, make your own croutons with thin slices of baguette bread brushed with olive oil and toasted in the oven for a few minutes!


Dijon, tarragon Dijon, à l’Ancienne, peppercorn, de Meaux, white wine, and all the other mustards with herbs, spices or beer.


Fruit jellies (with Port or Champagne!), melons, apples, pears, strawberries, kiwis, dried fruits…


Marinated vegetables, eggplant, mushrooms, sweet peppers, carrots, hearts of palm, artichokes, mini-florets of cauliflower… onion confit and sauerkraut, browned small potatoes with herbs, fresh asparagus, and of course a variety of olives!

Sweet or salty pickles and condiments

Gherkins, pickles, beets, onions, chutneys, ketchups… they’re all great!


Select one in each of these three categories of salads:

  • Green salads: endives, radicchio, mesclun, spinach, Caesar…
  • Vegetable salads: carrot, coleslaw, cucumber, grilled vegetables…
  • Pasta or starchy salads: wild rice, macaroni, potato, stuffed vine leaves, chick pea, mixed bean, couscous, tabouleh…

Why go to the trouble of making all of these yourself? Everything you need is already prepared at your Metro charcuterie counter!

You will find more than twenty delicious salads and other side dishes that are just as fresh and delicious as if you had made them yourself! You will save time and you can take all the credit because your Metro deli expert will never tell!