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Pork Cuts and Cooking Methods

pork cuts

You will find a great variety of pork cuts and processed pork products in your Metro butcher's counter.

The choice of cuts is crucial to your culinary preparation; this goes for all butcher meats. Why pay for a particularly tender cut if your recipe calls for it to be stewed or braised?

Always choose meat with firm, dry flesh, and no trace of humidity. Make su#re the meat is a nice pale pink, a little darker if it is shank or shoulder. The grain must be thin and smooth, and the fat must be white. Normally, pork meat is slightly marbled.

The marbling is a small network of collagen filaments that crisscross the lean tissue of the meat. It adds taste and tenderness. It melts when cooked and makes the meat juicier, tastier and more tender.

Your Metro butcher carries the following cuts of pork:

Pork leg

Pork leg cuts

  • Whole leg
  • Boneless leg roast
  • Boneless inside and outside round roasts
  • Leg tip
  • Shank
  • Rump
  • Paupiette (thin slice)
  • Slice of inside and outside round
  • Cutlet
  • Strips and satay strips
  • Tenderized slice
  • Cubes jardinière

Sirloin cuts

  • Roast with bone
  • Boneless roast
  • Chop
  • Boneless slice
  • Tenderloin
  • Tenderloin wrapped in bacon
  • Stuffed tenderloin
  • Breaded ground pork patty

loin cuts

Loin cuts

  • Roast with bones
  • Boneless roast
  • Stuffed boneless roast
  • Mini roast
  • Chop, centre cut and loin
  • Stuffed chops
  • Sliced boneless loin
  • Sliced boneless butterfly loin

End of loin cuts

  • Rack of pork ribs
  • Back rib
  • End of ribs chops, boneless or with bones
  • Strip loin
  • Boneless rib
  • Crown ribs, boneless or with bones
  • Stuffed crown rib, boneless or with bones

Pork shoulder

Shoulder cuts

  • Picnic shoulder
  • Bone-in blade roast
  • Blade and top blade slices
  • Picnic ham, boneless or with bone
  • Blade and top blade roast boneless or with bone
  • Blade chop
  • Stewing and brochette cubes
  • Ground pork, lean and semi-lean
  • Pork sausage

Other cuts

  • Centre flank ribs
  • Sliced flank
  • Flank ribs, sternum removed
  • Neck bone
  • Shoulder rib
  • Pork tail
  • Pork jowl
  • Hawk
  • Shank

The right cut for the chosen cooking method

Cuts that are delicious broiled include:

  • Scallopinis
  • Rib chops
  • Fillet (tournedos)
  • Medallion
  • Strips
  • Tenderized slices
  • Marinated brochette cubes
roasted pork


Cuts that are delicious roasted:

  • Tenderloin
  • Rack of pork
  • Rib roast
  • Chops
  • Roasts with or without bones
  • Crown
  • Fillet (tournedos)
  • Outside round
  • Sirloin tip

Excellent cuts to sauté:

  • Strips
  • Scallopinis
  • Brochette cubes
  • Tenderized pieces
  • Chops
  • Fillet (tournedos)
  • Medallion

Braised pork

These are the cuts that are delicious braised, stewed or cooked in sauces:

  • Inside round or sirloin slices
  • Leg cuts
  • Stewing cubes
  • Shank
  • Spare ribs

Portions chart

Calculate 150 à 200 gramsBoneless cut
Calculate 250 à 300 gramsBone-in cut
Calculate 150 à 200 gramsGrills and brochettes
Calculate 250 à 300 gramsChops


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