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Apple Cheese Pairings

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Cortland & Le Cru du Clocher

Cortland & Le Cru du Clocher:

The unique taste of Le Cru du Clocher cheddar cheese and the ease of cooking with the Cortland apple seduces in a simple apple and cheddar turnover.

Mcintosh & Miranda

Mcintosh & Miranda:

When heated, Miranda cheese reveals all its slightly spicy hints of nuts and almonds. Enjoy it melted in a raclette, on a pizza, or as a topping for crepes with a McIntosh apple filling!

Spartan & Le Guillaume Tell:

Discover the perfect marriage between the mildly tangy taste of the Spartan apple and the flavours of cream and fermented apple of Le Guillaume Tell cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich garnished with crispy bacon!

Spartan & Le Guillaume Tell

Empire & Le Délice des Appalaches

Empire & Le Délice des Appalaches:

Le Délice des Appalaches cheese pairs well with the Empire apple, the fruit’s firmness and juice bringing a nice balance to the length on the palate and slightly strong intensity of the cheese. Ideal as a snack for picnics and hikes.