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Cook cream cheese, it's a breeze


Smooth and silky, cream cheese can be prepared in so many ways.

The classic combo for cream cheese is on a bagel with smoked salmon, but cream cheese is so versatile it can have many partners. It excels as a spreadable cheese, dessert or snack; it hits the right spot at breakfast or break time. Perfect accompaniment for a wide variety of raw veggies, crackers and breads, it lends itself equally well to a variety of seasonings, sweet or savoury. There's no limit to the combinations except for your imagination!

Cream Cheese at a glance

  • Cheese family: Fresh paste
  • Varieties: Plain, flavoured with fine herbs, garlic or even fruit.
  • Storage: Rather short shelf life, about one week. Best to respect the 'best before' date shown on the package.

Nutritional Value:

  • Fat (about 30% M.F.)
  • High water content (up to 80%)
  • Source of vitamin D and calcium, good for bone health!

To bring out its best, it must be:

  • Soft, moist and have a fresh milky aroma.
  • Removed from the fridge just before serving!

Adventurous Combinations: Recipes to Discover


As a spread, it's great, but on French toast, it's sublime!

Dip and Spread

For a dip and spread that are out of the ordinary, why not use cream cheese as a creamy base? Add other cheeses, spices or even smoked salmon. Be bold and enjoy the results!

Appetizers and Side Dishes

To create an original appetizer or side dish, liven up vegetables (endives, tomatoes, potatoes, or even zucchini), bread and pâtés with a tasty mixture of cream cheese. Let inspiration be your guide!

With Pasta, Eggs, Meat and Fish

Cream cheese is the ideal ingredient to add extra taste to meat, egg and fish dishes and to make velvety smooth sauces for pasta and chicken.


Beyond bagels and smoked salmon, cream cheese goes great with sandwich fillings of grilled veggies, chicken and other garnishes.


It's fabulous in cheesecake, but even more delightful in sweet sauces. And don’t forget pies, cakes, flans, frostings, trifles, and even, truffles!

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