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5 flavoured butters to serve with shellfish

5 flavoured butters to serve with shellfish

Elevate simple dishes with delicious flavoured butters. Easy to make and tasty, enjoy them with shellfish for the perfect warm weather meal.

5 flavoured butters

1Mango tango butter

Half-salted butter + mango puree + lime zest
Puree the mango. Strain, then fold into the creamed butter and lime zest.

2Red butter

Unsalted butter + tomato paste + diced roasted red bell peppers (homemade or store-bought) + paprika (regular or smoked)
Fold the diced bell peppers, tomato paste and paprika into the creamed butter.

3Curry butter

Salted butter + curry powder + chopped green onions + paprika
Fold the spices and green onions into the creamed butter.

4Ginger melon butter

Unsalted butter + honey + ginger + honeydew puree
Strain the melon puree in cheesecloth. Fold the grated ginger, puree and melted honey into the creamed butter.

5Crunchy black butter

Unsalted butter + black and white sesame seeds + soy sauce/tamari + maple syrup
Reduce the soy sauce (2/3) and maple syrup (1/3). Cool, then mix into to the whipped butter with the sesame seeds.


  • Flavoured butters are freezer-friendly. Simply shape into a roll and seal with plastic wrap. Slice off the desired portion when ready to use.
  • Serve flavoured butter cold, room temperature or warm. To melt, opt for a bain-marie instead of a saucepan or the microwave.