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A Chic White Dinner Menu

Chic White Dinner

Dîner en BlancTM is a trendy VIP picnic held all around the world. The exact location is usually kept secret until the last minute and guests are required to be dressed in white and bring white accessories. But most of all, the event is about the food, which should be fine, fresh and—you guessed it—white whenever possible.

Here are our ideas for planning an elegant white dinner menu, as well as some practical tips for organizing a home edition of this exclusive event.


Start the event with original appetizers bursting with flavour. Try cod tartar with mango for a deliciously exotic touch. Marinate with lime, chives and flavoured oil for a tasty treat your taste buds will love. Want to try something different? Serve up mushroom macaroons stuffed with cream cheese and fine herbs. Also, try replacing your traditional veggie plate with crunchy white vegetables like cauliflower, Oriental radish, white asparagus and endive. For a great presentation, decorate the serving plate with white flowers and you’re all set!

A main meal that’s sure to impress

Keep the menu light and breezy with a zucchini and goat cheese pie, drizzled with honey for a sweet touch. Need more inspiration? The day before your picnic, grill some fine-herb veggie and chicken kababs. Then serve them up on a bed of basmati rice salad or lemony orzo as a delicious centerpiece to your event! Accompany with white bean dip and crunchy pita flavoured with herbs and Parmesan cheese.

A deliciously delightful dessert

End your feast on a high note with unforgettable treats. Lemon truffles dipped in white chocolate, bite-sized vanilla brownies, shortbread cookies, powdered-sugar donuts, cherries covered in white chocolate, coconut cake… Pick whatever makes yo smile!

Refreshing drinks

During your white dinner party, the only alcoholic drinks you can serve are wine and Champagne. How do you keep them cold? Freeze a handful of green grapes and drop them into the glasses before serving. Finish your feast with a pitcher of water flavoured with cucumber and honeydew melon. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your pretty table!

An all-white menu that’s a cinch

Plan a VIP White Dinner – at home!

Get inspired by this chic fine-dining experience, and organize a white themed dinner picnic in your own home. From the invitations to the dress code to your finest tableware, no detail should be overlooked when planning this distinguished meal!


Ask each guest to bring a dish to share. Ideas include sushi, summer salads, smoked salmon, charcuterie, fine cheeses, berries and, of course, wine or Champagne. More adventurous chefs may even devise a 100% white menu!


Encourage your guests to come wearing their finest white clothing. Dresses, hats and suit jackets are in order! Everyone should also bring a decorative item in the theme colour, such as a lantern, bouquet of white flowers, vase, etc. These little details will help you create the perfect ambiance for your soirée!


Take out your silverware, fine china, spotless tablecloths and linen napkins. Plastic containers and disposable dishes are strictly prohibited at the table!


Keep the location of your dinner a secret until the last minute. You can even add an unexpected twist by preparing a game, organizing a little show or inviting a surprise guest!


Remember that etiquette and proper table manners are essential for a five-star picnic. No taking phone calls at the table!

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