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8 Easy Recipes to Prepare Pumpkin—Differently

Nothing says fall like decorating pumpkins. October is the perfect time to discover the 1,001 ways to make use of this surprising fruit. Here are 8 original ways to prepare fall’s iconic food a little differently.

Harvested in October and November, pumpkin can keep for months. To ensure freshness and flavour, pick a pumpkin that’s heavy, firm and brightly coloured. Remember that smaller pumpkins are often tastier. The weight of a pumpkin in pounds is a good indication of its flesh in cups. For instance, a 5-lb pumpkin can produce about 5 cups of edible flesh.


Tip: Want to keep your pumpkin from ending up in the trash November 1st? Instead of carving your pumpkin, add decorations, drawings and accessories to it. A whole pumpkin will stay fresher for longer. Once Halloween is over, use the flesh and seeds of the fruit in recipes for a flavourful fall touch.

1 pumpkin, 8 ideas

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