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All the Platinum Grill Angus Beef Cuts

Beef cuts

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Platinum Grill - Angus Beef




The striploin, a cut from the short loin, is tender, packed with flavour and very lean.



Prime Rib Roast

Cut from the rib area, the prime rib roast is full of flavor and well marbled, ideal for roasting.



Cap off Rib Steak

Cut from the rib area, the rib is filled with flavour and extremely juicy. Generously marbled, it will melt in your mouth.



Rib eye

Cut from the rib area, the rib eye is both filled with flavour and very juicy. Generously marbled, it will melt in your mouth.




Originating from the loin, this is the most tender cut of beef.




From the short loin, the t-bone consists of the tenderloin and part of the striploin separated by a t-shaped bone.




Cut from the top sirloin, this cut is moderately tender and all flavour.



Inside Round

A lean cut from the hip. Excellent for braising or roasting.