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Basil is native to India and is frequently used in Mediterranean and Asian cooking. The flavour suggests lemon, jasmine and anise, although it will differ depending on the variety (there are 60).

Culinary tips and advice

  • It complements garlic, onions and olives very well.
  • Basil is the main ingredient in pesto.
  • It flavours olive oil beautifully. To keep the leaves in olive oil, remove the flowering ends, otherwise the leaves can develop a bitter taste.
  • Basil should not be mixed with other herbs or vinegar.
  • Never simmer, add basil in the final minutes of cooking.

Expert Tip

Basil pairs exceptionally well with veal cutlets, poultry, rabbit, white fish, seafood, zucchini, red or yellow bell pepper, sweet onions, salads, pasta and pizza. Mozzarella, parmesan and tomato work well with its aroma.

Storage Life

Wrapped in a damp paper towel, basil can be stored for a few days in the warmest area of your fridge. Basil leaves can be preserved in olive oil. Basil can also be dried or frozen, whole or chopped. The fresh basil plant will keep for several days in its original compost if placed in water and kept very humid.