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How to select the best cheese

Cheeses are a source of calcium. Here are the ones to pick!

Eating cheese and dairy products​​  

Eating cheese and dairy products

Low-fat cheeses

Does your family love cheese? Discover lighter versions of your favourite products. They are just as satisfying and rich in calcium as regular cheese, but their fat content is much lower. The perfect choice for making sumptuous gratin dishes or for a healthy snack coupled with some fruit!

Discover our healthy recipes with cottage cheese

Cottage cheese 

Eating cheese and dairy products

Cottage cheese

Low in fat, cottage cheese is a classic choice for anyone who’s watching their diet. In addition to providing a healthy dose of calcium, it contains 15 grams of protein per 100-gram (1/2-cup) serving, which is as much as two eggs! Excellent for breakfast or as a snack with fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs, it’s also a healthier alternative to ricotta in lasagna and stuffed pasta. Cottage cheese can even make delicious cheesecakes!

eating cheese and dairy products 

eating cheese and dairy products

Organic cheeses

Organic cheeses are made with organic milk from dairy farms that do not feed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or chemicals to their animals. They’re ideal to jazz up your sandwiches or to serve any dish au gratin!

Eating cheese and dairy products - Greek yogurt​​  

Eating cheese and dairy products

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is the new star in the dairy category and contains more protein than regular yogurt. More interesting yet, it is generally low in fat, despite its rich and creamy texture. Greek yogurt is the perfect choice for breakfast. Or, use it to prepare delicious homemade tzatziki, a creamy vinaigrette or a dip with spices and herbs.