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Cook up 5 healthy trends with your kids. See how easy it is!

Cook up 5 healthy trends with your kids. See how easy it is!

Nutritious snacks, colourful bowls, flavoured beverages: Linda Montpetit, our nutritionist, reveals the latest culinary trends and suggests simple, balanced recipes so delicious that junk food won’t cross your kids’ minds.

caffeine-free latté

1Caffeine-free latté

For a couple of years, the trend has been to drinks that are good for us. After vitamin water, kombucha and mocktails, it’s now time for caffeine-free drinks to take centre stage. Whether it’s white chocolate, pumpkin or caramel, flavoured coffees are more popular than ever, particularly with teens.

Unfortunately, beverages from the store or coffee from the coffee shop – often full of sugar, high in calories and low in nutrition – are more suited to the dessert category. Flavoured latté lovers, however, have something to celebrate, because homemade versions are extra delicious and offer a healthy, guilt-free option.

Health benefits

  • Homemade lattés are made with healthier ingredients, like real pumpkin and date purée, high in fibre and nutrients.
  • A generous helping of milk gives the body a good dose of calcium.
  • And obviously, decaffeinated coffee makes this drink healthier, especially for teens.


  • Soy milk, pumpkin purée, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spices and decaffeinated coffee
  • Almond milk, dark chocolate and decaffeinated coffee
  • Milk, decaffeinated coffee, raspberry coulis and vanilla
  • Milk, water, matcha green tea and agave nectar

Recipe suggestions:

Grilled chick peas

2Grilled chick peas, the snack of a athletes

Teens have insatiable appetites. To keep our young athletes’ hands out of a bag of chips after school, we invite them into the kitchen to help cook up the popular taste of 2017: grilled chick peas. Why are they so popular? Because they’re just as good for our budget as they are for our health – and they’re super tasty!

Health benefits

  • High in protein and carbohydrates, this food supplies the body everything it needs before, during and after a workout.
  • Rich in fibre and low in fat, it’s an excellent substitute for meat in a vegetarian diet.
  • With plenty of minerals, it plays a part in maintaining balanced intestinal flora.


Not a big fan of chick peas? No problem! They can be replaced with edamame, a substitute that’s also trending and healthy.

Recipe suggestions

Crazy smoothies bowls

3Crazy smoothies bowls

Say goodbye to traditional morning porridge! The Smoothie 2.0 – which you no longer sip, but now eat with a spoon – has climbed to the top of the charts of healthy breakfasts. This hybrid of fruit bowl, cereal and smoothie is so appetizing, filling and simple to prepare that everybody will love it. Parents pressed for time and foodies in search of new taste experiences: – dig in!

Tip: To save time, you can prepare your smoothie bowl the night before

Health benefits

  • With a base of antioxidant fruits, grains and oilseeds, this colourful breakfast is full of vitamins and nutrients. A truly energizing cocktail!
  • Unlike the classic smoothie, you can add a good dose of protein (tofu), fibre (cereal) and good fats (nuts).
  • Its creamy consistency reduces the time and energy necessary for your body to assimilate and digest it.


Smoothie bowls are customizable to suit any taste, offering endless recipe ideas!

  • Fresh fruits, mint leaves, coconut milk, goji berries
  • Raspberries, banana, tofu, almond milk, maple syrup, sunflower seeds
  • Homemade granola, green apple, lemon, banana, kale, honey, yogurt and blackberries

Recipe suggestions:

pizza pocket

4The return of the pizza pocket

An after-school icon of the 90s, the pizza pocket has reappeared – in a healthier version – to the great pleasure of parents nostalgic for their teen years. Hot on the trend of utensil-free food, these gourmet pockets can be garnished to suit different tastes and eaten on the go. You can even prepare them in advance and keep them in the freezer. Just reheat in the oven or microwave… like the old days.

Health benefits

  • They have fewer calories and less salt and fat than the store-bought versions.
  • Nourishing, nutritious and full of flavour.


  • Tomatoes, spinach, olives, cooked chicken and feta
  • Figs, arugula and goat cheese
  • Black beans, peppers, tomatoes, red onions and grated cheese (Mexican mix)
  • Cooked chicken, pineapple, spinach, grated cheddar and mozzarella

Recipe suggestions:

Prune crumble

5Prune crumble

The cozy home-cooking trend meets up with “whole foods” – extra nutritious because they’re mostly unprocessed, if at all. Rethink the classics, like apple crumble, to make richer, more flavourful desserts. And as purple-coloured foods, rich in anthocyanin (an antioxidant), are in vogue, it’s not surprising that prunes have been invited to join in on many of our desserts.

Health benefits

  • On top of being rich in antioxidants, prunes add extra fibre and nutrients to crumble.
  • Nuts add a dose of fibre and protein to the recipe, making it a nice after-school snack that’s not too sweet.


Versatile prunes can easily be incorporated into cakes, compotes, muffins, puddings and much more.

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Recipe suggestions: